interesting low voltage installation projects

Interesting low voltage projects in the last month.

At Access Control Technologies, we do a fair share of standard low voltage work. We’ve encountered everything from checking a data cable drop that is not getting a link light, to running new cabling, to installing and maintaining surveillance cameras. However, we also receive a fair share of custom work requests. Below are some interesting highlights that could be beneficial to businesses experiencing issues with their gate, alarm, and security surveillance systems.

Vehicle Gate Access and Alarm Monitoring Issues.

Our first interesting project challenge came from a business site that offered vehicle gate access to their clients on a regular schedule. Management noticed an increase in break-ins to their facility, but nothing was being registered to their gate access log’s system showing exits or entries during the break-in periods. After Management reviewed their surveillance footage, they confirmed a vehicle was indeed entering without activating the gate system via normal operation. Upon our careful discovery and evaluation, we were able to determine that the offender was using an emergency responder gate entry “puck” to trigger the auto-gate to open even after scheduled hours.

Vehicle Gate Access and Alarm Monitoring Solutions.

To solve the problem we installed a stand-alone unmonitored alarm system to the entry gate that could be armed and disarmed remotely. The new alarm system was programmed so that it would send the Site Manager an instant text message alert when the gate had been opened. Upon alert,  the Site Manager could then cross-check the access control system to see if this was an authorized gate entry or not. And if it was not authorized, we programmed the access control system so the Site Manager could lock down the gates remotely with a simple one-click – giving them ample time to call the police and apprehend the intruder.

Self-Storage Surveillance Camera Viewing Issues.

Addressing vandalism with correctly suited surveillance camera technologies and positioning.

Our second interesting project/problem came to us from a Self-Storage Unit, located in the Las Vegas Valley. This client initially called us to do some basic maintenance on installed surveillance cameras and to repair some offline cameras. Once we performed maintenance on the cameras and made them all clearly viewable, the client informed us that they were experiencing issues in a specific location of their property where someone was climbing a wall and vandalizing the facility. The offender accessed the facility from the same entry point and it was always at night.

The client had two problems to solve in order to fix this. The first problem was that the point of coverage that the offender was accessing thru. The offender entrance location was only viewable from one camera, and that one camera had not been placed in the best location for optimal viewing. Since it was installed directly across from a security light, the security light was literally blinding the camera’s ability to capture any type of quality imagery- rendering it almost useless. To install a camera in a new location covering that area would have been cost-prohibitive, as there was no access. Additionally to capture footage after the fact would not have done a lot of good as identifying the offender would have proven difficult.

Self-Storage Surveillance Camera Viewing Solutions.

Upon careful review, our proposed solution was to change out the camera to a proper outdoor camera with True WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) first and foremost. WDR is a function on a surveillance camera that helps the camera adjust to different lighting conditions within the same picture. A good example of using this technology is when you have a standard surveillance camera on a warehouse roll-up door. With the door up, the light from the outside is far brighter than inside the warehouse. This will always cause the area outside the door to wash out or white-out. The new WDR camera solved the problem of the camera not being able to see the area properly.

Following the new camera upgrade, we reprogrammed the connected DVR and set the new camera on a motion alert schedule targeting the area where the offender gained access. The DVR was also set up to email pictures of any motion captured during a specified time threshold on that one specific area. This new programming not only helped to eliminate false alarms but also gave the manager confidence in the system.

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