PTI security systems for self storage units

PTI Security Systems for Self-Storage Units

As an authorized reseller of PTI Security Systems, Access Control Technologies knows what it takes to secure self-storage facilities. With multiple factory-trained PTI technicians on staff, we not only design and install new systems but we can maintenance and upgrade any existing systems.

It doesn’t matter if you have a Falcon 2000 that you are looking to upgrade to a Falcon XT to take advantage of all the latest in mobile technologies, or if you just have some doors reporting errors, an Access Control Technologies Low Voltage Technician can help enhance your facility’s security. Download this PTI Access Control Essentials Guide below to familiarize yourself with current technology offerings.

Download PDF PTI access control essentials guide

Do you have a Digitech system at your self-storage facility? No problem, we have you covered.

We are experts in surveillance and can provide a free site survey to assess your facility to review maintenance and cleaning, equipment and software upgrades, or repairs. Our unique knowledge of the self-storage industry saves time and offers your facility financial savings. We are not just surveillance techs, our techs have serviced self-storage units across the states of; Kansas, Oklahoma, Nevada, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida.  We understand the unique designs of self-storage facilities and all the challenges those can bring.

Are the Self-Storage office computers that you depend on running slow, or are applications crashing?

Our experienced technicians can not only take care of that, but they can also address all of your networking needs and PTI software application setup and programming.

All of the abilities here at Access Control Technologies, and yet what makes our company unique, are our employees. They will take the time to make sure your staff and all the managers understand the systems in depth. Our technicians will take the time on a surveillance job to make sure the cameras are facing the way your staff needs because they understand that their priority is to make your employees happy.

We strive to help clients improve the operations and security of their self-storage facilities with best-in-class equipment, installation, and ongoing maintenance services. We invite you to take a look at our recent Solon Self-Storage PTI Security Installation Here.

Are you a Manager or Owner in the Self-Storage industry searching for access control and security expertise? If yes, give us a call today @ (866) 495-4465 to request a free site review and security analysis outline?